Friday, September 7, 2007

The Friday Field Trip Blog Ring


A Friday Field Trip is:
A (semi) weekly blogpost.
Posted on Friday.
About a place or thing you enjoy.
A field trip, take your readers on an enjoyable digital outing.

You have found The Friday Field Trip Blog Ring. A tool for bloggers to meet and discover new and interesting places and activities.

What is a Friday Field Trip? It is a blog post that is a guided tour of one of the places you like to visit or things you like to do. Maybe you haven't visited your tour location but would like to see it day. Restaurants, Concerts, Parks, Cities and Countries are great Field Trips to take your readers on. The posts can be as guided, or self guided, as you like; As long winded or as brief; filled with pictures or textual; boring or spicy. Its all up to you!

I am a family man, so there is only one requirement. Make your posts family friendly. If you plan on touring the local burlesques (feel free I guess) please don't bother to apply to the blog ring. Posts don't need to be prudish, but they should be work safe and somewhat kid friendly.

Join the Blog Ring Today!

As a member, you will be able to: be included on the blogroll, have people directed your blogs, meet other bloggers and HAVE FUN!


Coaster Punchman said...

I do like this idea and would be happy to take my Gentle Readers on field trips - but I have both scheduling and commitment problems which means I would rarely remember to make regular contributions. However I will try to do a Friday Field Trip once in a while and will give you props.

Sushiboy said...

We'd love to have you. It by no means has to be every friday.